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30 Apr 2019

Live monitoring, instant adaptability!

As you now know, traditional analytics make evaluating your performance and presence during an exhibition possible. Did you miss our last article? No problem – check out The R3, the performance matrix signed by Live & co.

These analyses take time, but that kind of data is vital to optimising communication budgets. Today, we can go even further! With new technology, it is now possible to combine this post-event reporting with the live monitoring of your visitors’ behaviours. That means we are capable to trace their movements and depict how they go about your stand.

All of this live, of course!

Small details make a huge difference

During an exhibition, they are always thousands of things to do, and it is difficult to totally comprehend what your visitors do and think, on the moment. But knowing several trivial info, such as how many people have visited your stand and for how long, is essential to boost your future performance. Placing small sensors (in the most strategic zones of your space) enables us to trace your visitors’ movements. These sensors detect the attendants’ smartphones via their IP addresses.

1 smartphone = 1 unique visitor. It’s easy!

Tell me how long you’re staying, and I’ll tell you who you are!

For a customised analysis, we can adjust your key indicators. For example a visitor who stays more than 90 seconds can be considered as interested in your solution. A participant who visits less than 30 seconds will probably not even take a brochure. He/She might have needed more attention from your team, or maybe your subject is not impactful enough. Basically, in-depth and customised data can be interpreted for a better understanding of your performance.

This info is gold!

Better understand, better adaptability

Beyond knowing your visitor and his/her behaviours, it is about identifying levers of progress. That’s the key. With this kind of data, it is much easier to enhance the user experience by developing more vibrant environments, more inclusive animations or more attractive lighting systems.

Don’t forget? It’s all about generating more quality leads, next time around!

FOCUS: smart and responsible tech

A single sensor placed in your furniture or under a table detects smartphones thanks to WiFi (the smartphone doesn’t even need to be connected to the network, and personal data remain personal!). What then? Well, you access your dashboard including all your live indicators.

Data will make you betta!

There’s probably a question you want to ask! We see it coming.

What about the same person coming 10 times in your space? Doesn’t it corrupt the data? Not at all, everything is 100% configurable. We can delete recurrent IPs. It is also possible to define specific time tables to eliminate frequentation during an open cocktail. Between a freeloader and a prospect, there’s a huge difference!

You fix the rules of the game.