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A Sustainable Development strategy Made In Live & co

It’s as simple as that. We’ve always been committed to developing our solutions portfolio to meet our customers’ needs and foster our expertise.

Today, we are determined to continue our adventure by integrating sustainable development issues at the heart of our operations. Because in the face of the climate emergency and the lessons learned from the covid-19 crisis, we know that the events industry must also reinvent itself, for the better.

That’s why we’re keen to embark Live & co on a new responsibility journey: coherent, collaborative and source of value(s).


After attending an ISO 20 121 training course in 2021, we realized that beyond signing up to a certification process that was relatively ill-suited to our type of business, it was essential to implement a CSR strategy that directly met the expectations of our customers and audiences.

We therefore consulted them at length to give life to an embodied and truly transformative policy

Aurélie Vitre – Co-Managing Director

Our Sustainable Development policy

LOOP Optimizing the life cycle of our exhibition stands

• Encouraging eco-design in our projects
e.g. sustainable designs, responsible sourcing, more efficient supply chain, etc.

• Anticipating post-event life
e.g. encouraging storage and reinstallation through reuse or donation.

• Limiting the environmental footprint of our activity
e.g. carbon contribution, etc.

CARE Promoting the well-being of our stakeholders

• Improving working conditions for our employees
e.g. responsible management, sustainable relations with our partners, dialogue, fair prices, etc.

• Guaranteeing professional equality
e.g. parity in the workforce, equal pay, etc.

• Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and standards
e.g. health and safety, lead times, regulatory compliance, etc.

GROW Guaranteeing the company's performance

• Reconciling growth, performance and responsibility
e.g. developing new markets, increasing our international presence, etc.

• Fostering customer satisfaction
e.g. availability, agility, communication, quality of deliverables, control of success, etc.

• Raising awareness
e.g. sharing best practices to drive positive transformation in our profession.


Our conviction

The world of events can (and must!) be part of the solution to the climate challenge.


Our responsible ambition

To make eco-responsibility a source of creativity and commitment and an increasingly essential indicator of success.


Our values

for design, creativity and our know-hows

listening, sharing and caring to meet our goals, together

quality work and collaboration for successful projects

a CSR strategy that has everything to share and nothing to hide

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