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20 Feb 2024

In 2021, Brittany-based company EMD-Pro approached us for the first time with a project for a stand at Milipol Paris, the world’s leading event for state safety and internal security.

The idea was as clear as it was ambitious: to bring life to an immersive, ultra-realistic space.  So, we created a space made from two decors placing the public at the very centre of the action:

– A terrestrial environment showcasing an intervention in a desert.

– A marine scene, with the hull of a boat as the centrepiece.

This was the first time our agency had been mobilized for this type of project. And we won, thanks to our attention to detail.

Alexandre Babin, co-Director, Live & co.

EMD-Pro is an expert in military equipment for the police, gendarmerie and special forces.

At Live & co, our historical know-how is focused on the creation of corporate stands. We talk more about aesthetics, reflecting brand values, branding and so on.

This project enabled us to display another facet of our know-how, revealing our artistic talents while maximizing our expertise in terms of functionality.

A success story

Feedback is unanimous: the boxes for immersion, realism and practicality were ticked. You can (re)discover the whole adventure on video here and the photos there

We’re proud to have been asked again this year to take up the EMD-Pro challenge at Milipol 2023.

With Nicolas, our passionate set designer, both artist and technician, we created two sets, achieving new landmarks:

Reflecting current events, notably for the terrestrial set, where the ruins of a building refer to the conflict in Ukraine.

The ambition to respect proportions for the marine setting, with the creation of a scale-1 container on a port quay.

Once again, these decors were used to promote and legitimize a wide range of EMD-Pro equipment, in particular medical equipment (stretchers, medical kits, etc.) and access equipment (ladders, harnesses, intervention craft, etc.).



Chatting with our colleagues and pairs, we found out that decors were particularly widespread in the 1980s and 1990s, before the advent of digital technology. In retrospect, this makes a lot of sense when you consider the parallels with the cinema world, where computer-generated images have taken precedence over the production of physical sets.

So, what makes a good set?

Alexandre Babin: It’s a skilful combination of our traditional joinery know-how and artistic work in its own right. The woodwork is manufactured in our workshop, then reworked, and treated by our decorator, with hand-prepared textures. We use a mixture of sand, acrylics, glues, pigments, rubble and more. This creates realistic effects such as rust or cement texture. Small objects are added to enrich the scene.


How do you get ready for the big day?

AB: All our sets are prepared months in advance of the show. We number each piece to facilitate assembly on site. The set designer is mobilized during assembly to add the finishing touches and repair any damage incurred during transport. This year, we even added small items at the last minute. Little touches to make a difference and surprise the customer…



The EMD-pro space also features a meeting room, a bar area and other areas for interaction. Our stand once again triggered the curiosity and admiration of visitors, customers and colleagues alike. And many of them thought the container was real!

The cinematic decor has a unique ability to impress with its play on scale, while at the same time attracting the eye with its myriad details. It places the brand in an adapted and singular environment, allowing customers not only to differentiate themselves but also to generate stronger emotions, that inspire discussion and interaction…

Just like a late-night debrief after watching a great action movie at the cinema!