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Live & co

Back to the futur

Live & co is our fortunate accident.
Beg your pardon? Well, to be honest, we never thought we would specialise in exhibition stands. Here’s a little trip down memory lane. We’re Aurélie and Alexandre, two entrepreneurs with strong communication backgrounds. We should be working in a communication agency. But that would be too normal, right?

Game changer

In 2010, we decided to invade Great Britain! With our smartphones, laptops and suitcases, we joined an outstanding British design agency. We gradually entered the world of event management; more precisely tailored exhibition stands.
We worked for new industries, met (beautiful) people and travelled the world. It’s an epiphany. We want to make this world ours. You get it; our entrepreneurial vision is born!

Disruptive generation

So, after four great years in the UK, we go home and start everything from scratch. It’s 2014, Live & co is truly alive.
We want to revolutionise the world of exhibition stands. This vision is embedded in our DNA. This sector, too traditional, needs to reinvent itself.

Beyond exhibition!

Here’s our key mission. It’s simple, at Live & co, we want to make the extra mile to imagine and produce truly effective exhibition stands. A stand needs to celebrate technological trends (new tech, data capture, storytelling, etc.) Why?
Because it can act as a true attractivity and awareness accelerator addressing all your communication goals and issues.

countries visited / year
33 suitcases packed / year
coffees gobbled up in assembly period