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24 Aug 2020

A showroom is a strategically arranged area used to display products or to demonstrate solutions. If used correctly, it can prove to be very beneficial for sales. It is also used to make your visitors discover in a more “fun” and educational way the history of the company, its DNA and values.

Provides an Experience

With a showroom, your client’s experience is amplified with special product arrangements that give off strength to your company positioning. When people have the chance to see and feel the product for what it truly is, it makes for a quicker decision and a more confident purchase.

Keep in mind that your visitors will definitely come back again and again; do not freeze things and regularly offer new features…

Customer Trust Increases

Gaining customer trust is huge, and putting your products out on physical display is essential. Clients can even decide on their loyalty to their supplier partner based on the quality of the showroom. The showroom is both a powerful commercial tool and an increasingly essential communication medium that will create lasting relationships with your customers, synonymous with the success of your strategy.

Your think tank

For a company, a showroom becomes a real test laboratory inside which the impact of the content offered and their media will be measured and adjusted, inside which the customer journey will be scrupulously studied and where the product presentation methods will be evaluated and adapted according to customer and team feedbacks. For a brand exhibiting at trade shows, this laboratory will validate some practices and layouts for future exhibition stands, for example. The same is true when it comes to setting up a permanent or ephemeral point of sale.


A virtual tour allows visitors to see the showroom as if they were actually walking through it. It breaks borders and physical barriers to be accessible from anywhere, from a smartphone or a computer. By clicking on different hotspots, users observe the showroom from different angles, get accurate datas on products and even contact members of your team directly! Do not worry, your clients will still be on the move, even if you opt for more “traditional” media to promote it.

In the period we are facing, the showroom is also proving to be a key asset for meeting clients in a more private environment in which sanitary measures are easier to implement. Flow management is controlled, and the proximity created with the customer is stronger while limiting the risks. Finally, the showroom allows the organization of small occasional events which always strengthen the client relationship.

You do understand, the showroom is a tool that is invented, reinvented, constantly evolving and improving as it is used to guarantee the best experience for visitors! It captures the latest trends and new communication channels to offer a wider variety of content.

And you, what are you waiting for creating your own private exhibition area?