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12 May 2020

No, we are not suffering from lockdown depression. On the contrary!

An exhibition stand only becomes powerful when blended with your communication strategy.

What does it imply?

It is simple. It implies that your stand supports your message and reflects the brand identity. For that, it must preferably embed proper communication tools.


Live & co – Making your presence an event.

To make things clear, we are a communication agency…specialised in tradeshows. It is a game-changer. Our goal? To develop event solutions in harmony with brand strategies that create a value chain between what exists and what is new. By guaranteeing continuity, we ensure global coherence until D-Day (the tradeshow) and perform at the top of the game.


Often unsuitable, corporate brand guidelines do not incorporate the specifics of architecture, volumes, which can be found in the world of trade fairs or showrooms. We preserve the integrity of the brand identity while adapting it to the constraints and opportunities of the sector. This is how we maximize consistency and performance, no matter where you operate.


Communication? It is embedded in our DNA. It is the starting point for all our reflections.

We do beautiful design, certainly! But, above all, we give strength to a positioning, a message, a strategy. Strategy comes before creation! That is how our solutions become more impactful among identified audiences.


Together, we define an event program and the actions that flow from it. Which tradeshow? What presence? What posture? Depending on the profile of visitors and the themes of the event, we adapt our responses. There are many formats: speakers, workshop leaders, event media purchasing, guerrilla marketing, etc. We know all the rules of the game to create The best strategy that will make you emerge.


We identify the best tools to trigger attention, attract, make memorable and connect, before, during and after the show. By acting as a true extension of your communication department, we also make the most of your existing tools in order to generate convergence towards your area. At Live & co, we also develop data collection solutions that add value to our actions.


So now what?


If we have covered some of your challenges. If you want event solutions that tick the boxes of your Finance Department. If you want to combine design and performance. If you want your presence to really make sense. In short, if our philosophy triggers your curiosity…

…We’re here for you.