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Chalet: An exclusive setting

Actions : Design

The SIAE is the world’s biggest aeronautical event. For one week, Le Bourget becomes the global centre for aerospace and defence. This year, we were lucky enough to support our customer Solvay at the event, a unique opportunity to bring to life an elegant and exclusive form of exhibition: the Chalet.

Why did we do this? This structure, which took over a month to build, offers the very best in event organization: an exceptional space with a perfect balance between intimacy and comfort. Unlike most venues open to the public, the Chalet is accessible by invitation only. Solvay invited its close community of customers and partners to the heart of a private venue and top-of-the-range scenography: an ideal environment for signing contracts and developing great projects for tomorrow.

CLIENT: Solvay | SHOW: SIAE Le Bourget | CITY: Paris | SECTOR: Aerospace

Stand-Design-Solvay-SIAE-Meeting 2-Chalet
Meeting room 10px
Stand-Design-Solvay-SIAE-Meeting 1-Chalet
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