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20 Mar 2020

Well. This is not a breaking news! The situation is truly unique and disturbing. But beyond this extraordinary health context, Covid-19 reminds all us how much cooperation and help are vital to our society.

Of course, there’s fear: for the wellbeing of those we love. Naturally, the idea of social distancing in a 30m2 Parisian flat is off-putting. And let’s not talk about the temptation of switching to survivalist mode with 30kg of white rice locked in a safe. There are a lot of us for whom imposed rules are hard to accept…because these restrictions jeopardize a lot of little things. Yes, what is the hardest, is the lack of direct interaction with our loves ones and our professional network.

The pause button has been pressed because it is our individual responsibility that will accelerate our collective liberation.

Everything is going to be fine!

 It is in this totally WTF context that our agency is taking its own responsibilities. Since Tuesday morning, our team is working from home. And it’s working! We feared it would be miserable. How wrong we were! Creativity wins by KO.

You’ve guessed it: our agency is fully committed to pursuing its mission. We are even in the starting blocks for the ‘official’ restart of the season!

This context is only temporary!

 So, don’t hesitate. Let’s chat about your future projects.

Aurélie and Alexandre are available and happy to know about what makes you tick.

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